My All Time Best Cycling Movies

You don’t see a lot of movies about cycling races made, perhaps cycling it is  not such a popular genre or less appealing compared other high grossing movies.

The list below is my  all time best cycling movies.

Breaking Away (1979):
This is one of the best cycling movies ever made. The story was about Dave, small-town teen obsessed with the Italian cycling team and of course a girl.

When a professional Italian bicycling team comes to town for a race, Dave is thrilled to be competing with them. However, the Italians become irked when Dave is able to keep up with and even speak to them in Italian during the race. One of them jams a bike pump in Dave's wheel, causing him to crash, which leaves him disillusioned and depressed.

Dave and his friends later form a cycling team and compete in annual Indiana University Little 500 race.

American Flyers (1985)
The story is about Marcus ( Kevin Costner) persuades his younger brother David (Grant) to join him and train for a bicycle race across the Rocky Mountains, called "The Hell of the West".  Can't say it's a good movie but enjoyable to watch with lots of very good bike racing scenes and a cameo appearance by the legendary Eddy Merckx.

The Flying Scotsman(2006)
The movie is based on Graeme Obree, a scottish amateur cycling who broke the world hour record by Francesco Moser which had stood for nearly a decade.  He did with a bike made out of washing machine parts which he calls the "Old Faithful".   Obree's unorthodox position on the bike was threatening to the UCI and the cycling powers that be.  Even though the Old Faithful conformed to the regulations,  the UCI began conspiring to outlaw the tuck position that Obree uses on the track.

What about Lance Armstrong movie?
Lance Armstrong movie is in the works. The story could probably be about Armstrong’s improbable comeback from illness to win seven consecutive Tour de France titles.



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