The Longest Hiatus

2012: With Alexander Vinokourov from Team Astana
I've had my longest hiatus since June 2013. I did have a few rides on my MTB and most of them were short rides. Few things have been going on with my life. The busy work schedules and most important of all is the birth of my baby boy. In summary, I was busy with domestic responsibilities and I didn't regret having to temporarily suspend my cycling schedules. That magical moments expecting the newest member of the family was something that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Once everything seems to have stabilised, it's time to be back on the saddle. I did a couple of rides with my cycling posse at Sungai Long and few tours to Genting Peres. Yes, the infamous Genting Peres, a cycling heaven for many city folks who seek to release their stress by burning calories and straining their legs climbing the hills filled with lush green trees, encapsulated with morning mist and the abundance of nature as well as fresh air.

(Note: I've added 2 videos shot with GoPro HERO2 after the break)

It's a pretty heavy recovery program for me but it really pays off. I was hard during the first two rides but it gets better once I have my rhythm and cadence.

Here are some of the videos shot with my GoPro HERO2.



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