The Route to Recovery: Genting Peres

My cycling posse: Alain and En. Azmin
Getting back into shape is a massive challenge especially so after a very long break. Not only to shred those extra pounds gained during the break but also to rebuild my strength, endurance and fitness level

I'm basically rebuilding my base while everyone else is already up to speed to some level. The progress so far is pretty positive. The legs feel good, cadence and rhythms are there during climbings. I can’t burn matches during rides just yet. It will come back. Having patience, perseverance and consistency are keys to the recovery program. 

The aerobic is getting better after each rides. For the benefit of those who don’t know, cycling, for the most part is aerobic. Most people will ride for extended periods of time and push themselves to elevate their heart rate for extended periods of time, at minimum greater than 20 minutes. 

(Note: 3 ride videos shot with GoPro HERO2 after the break)

I’ve been in a similar situation before and I know for a fact that it's very tempting to do too much too soon, especially when I am cycling with my buddies who are mostly are fit and able to do long rides effortlessly. It is important to resist and avoid the risks of injuring myself. I have to start slowly and build my fitness once more by gradually increasing the cycling time by progressive extending the distance. 

Have faith, it (the fitness) will come back. 

Here’s a video of yesterday’s ride to Genting Peres. This route will be my training gym for the next few weeks before the next training phase.


Le Tour de Genting Peres #3: Part 1

Le Tour de Genting Peres #3: Part 2

Le Tour de Genting Peres #3: The Descend


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