Saturday 28th February 2009: Genting Peres Ride

Route: Tekala -Genting Peres-Tekala
Mileage: 40.9KM

Had a hard time waking up due to the Friday night ride. The PCM was a great ride. Over a 100 people joined the ride. Cikgu Sham, Romzi, Sham and me went for a nice supper at Precint Diplomatik after the ride. Reached home at around 2.15am.

Saturday Morning -Dawn actually

Got out of the house at 6.40am. Zaha was waiting at Semenyih Masjid. Reached there at 7.10am. Little that we knew that we had caused a lillte congestion at the corner, but what the heck, how would we had known that a massive trailer was going through that road.

We quickly packed Zaha's bike in the car and headed to Sg. Tekala RV. We reached there at about the same time with Shamsul.

Too bad most of the guys couldn't join the ride.

We changed the plan from going to Bukit Antu to Genting Peres instead... maybe next time we'll climb Bukit Antu and with more people....

The rolling hills on Sungai Tekala especially near the dam got us "cooked" before we even start climbing Genting Peres....



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Faizol said...

Just a note, we're doing this twice monthly.