Crazy December

My new hobby: lomo"nization"

Hmmm... It has been a roller coaster December for me. I've missed few weeks of ride thus far for a number of reasons. There's only so much that can be going right in one's personal life at one time.

As you might imagine, there's a lot to juggle, give attention to, and hope goes well from work, family and self indulgence stand point. Inevitable, not everything can be going well at once. On most year-ends, this is how it tends to go:

  • Personal: long school break - vacation, weddings, monsoon season, social visits, going back to hometowns etc
  • Work: Next year's business plan and budget preps, finance closure - clearing payments, claims, year end reports, more offsite meetings and the list goes on and on...
Sufficing to say December 2010 is one crazy month for me.  So, unfortunately, something had to give and that something has been the weekend rides. It's not that I'm "hanging the bike"  but when you're on "sabbatical" for a considerably long period, it's going to be tough to start back again.  It's like rebooting your Windows machine ( I am a Mac fan).  Depending what state your system,  the more fucked up it is then the slower it'll get back online plus with some certain error codes that you can't comprehend.

Okay, enough ranting and moaning about my not so fun December from cycling standpoint and before it  attracts undue attention or discussion.

Here's something interesting I found from the net, the top 10 bizarre Do-It-Yourself bikes. Please observe the note from the publisher:

"Note: while this post proves you can create a cool bicycle at home, more often than not it is a better idea to turn to a professional in case you need a reliable exercise bike.

1. Wooden Bicycle

16-year-old high school student Marco Facciola instructs how to create a wooden bicycle with fully functional chain and sprockets (gears). We are surely deeply impressed by the awesome work but I doubt the bicycle is reliable enough for daily rides:
Wooden Bicycle
Wooden Bicycle

2. Shoe Cycle

Shoe cycle (or it may also be called a running bike) is hardly faster or more comfortable than a regular bicycle but it is the perfect way to attract attention. If you enjoy being in the limelight, that could be good idea for you to have such a weird bicycle to go out on the weekends.
Shoe Cycle
Shoe Cycle

3. Office Chair Bike

Like you don’t spend enough time in your office chair! On the other hand, this really looks comfortable. So in case you spend much time on a bike daily, consider this little upgrade: add a 35 pound leather executive office chair.
Office Chair Bike

4. Bicycle Saw

The bicycle saw looks actually scary. Besides, it is a bit unclear how to use it and what happens when you are cycling, but it is still a genius idea!
Bicycle Saw

5. Ice Bike

If winters at your home town are usually long and stormy, it doesn’t mean you have to stop using your bike: enjoy an ice bike instead!
Ice Bike

6. Water Bike

The bike with water gallons can float on the water. These water gallons are raised, when the bike is on the road.
Water Bike
Water Bike

7. Rail Bike

Not sure if you ever need one, but this actually looks cool. The rail bike is upgraded with a custom-fabricated bottom bracket, steel cable, angle iron, lawnmower and skateboard wheels and some plumbing parts.
Rail Bike

8. Solar-Powered Bike

On sunny days the bike depends on solar panels mounted on top. When it’s idle, the generated energy is used to recharge a battery for days when the sun isn’t shining.
Solar-Powered Bike

9. Double Bike:

Except for the funky look, there’s no really any new functionality added to double-wheeled bike concept:
Double Bike

10. Bike Cart

And this one really looks comfortable: a good alternative to a car when driving to the mall for glossary shopping:
Bike Cart



sero said...

No. 10 - Bike Cart

Sesuai utk rider2 yg mengalami insiden tayar pecah, wheelset rosak atau tiub habis...

sile kembalikan troli kepade giant, tesco atau jusco berhampiran anda

Faizol said...

Keheheh... No.10 tu memang best. Boleh bersenam sambil gi pasar...