Sports and Internal Politics

It's sad. Malaysian Sporting scenes are not quite the usual without any in-fightings, drama and all sort of feuds be it between players, coaches and especially managements.

I kind of wonder how some of these people holding high powered portfolios within clubs, confederation or committee are appointed. What are their virtues that landed them these decision making posts? Were they great sportsmen, corporate leaders, ex-senior government officers or well linked politicians?

It's never my intention to stereo-type specific individuals or organizations nor am I attacking or provoking anyone. But here is the reality, we suck in almost all sports. Football for instance can be considered as a national sports. But we're not there yet. We've had few good coaches recently, most notably Claude LeRoy who guided Cameroon to the World Cup. Still we are not at a competitive level to qualify for Asian region. I heard stories that Japan and Korea came here to Malaysia to learn how to run Professional Football the M-League and look at where they are now. If this is true then it's just another baffling issue that needs explanation. What went wrong actually?

Quite recently I was invited to become a member of a cycling "club". Not that I like to be one but because I'm just doing a favour for a friend. It was during a briefing by one of the secretary that I understood their dilemma. All the years of in-fighting, political camps and other "shitty" stuff going on have put the club's status at risk of being revoked by a sports governing body. That means no more funding from the municipals or National Sports Council.

It's obvious that most of the people who's holding these high-level portfolios were putting their personal needs first rather then looking at developing young talents and producing competitive cyclists. They don't really care if the 30 year-old club was going to have their status revoked or club rider's welfare were being "abandoned" and worst the club couldn't even send a decent cycling team to compete in local tours.

The way I see it, they just don't care... why should they?

If this is how the clubs are run, undoubtedly you can see the end of it. It is just a matter of time.



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