Writing and Timing

I'm terribly sorry for the lack of reporting these past months.

The were few contributing factors that lead to this. The biggest one would be because of lack of cycling activities...duh! Well yeah the one thing that lead to that was my miss-configured knee.

A doctor suggested that I should wear knee guards to support the knees during rides. This reminded me of someone....

I knew this one dude that wears knee guards every time he rides. To be fair, there is nothing wrong with it but you can not deduct style and color combination on your cycling outfit bro! Otherwise you're going to break all the Makciks hearts' at the roti canai store when you walk in....

Jangan marah ah...just joking.

That a side, the haze was a factor as well. At times it was so bad that you could smell the scent of smokes. No jeffe it is not good for the respiratory system.

Something in Spanish...for Saipol....hahhaha

"Saipol es tan atractivo cuando el desgastas sus pantalones de ciclo del shor, no me consigue incorrecto, yo es recto pero este es molesto....seriamente". Note here, I don't speak spanish but I'm using a Mac Translator widget... really cool software.

Ramadhan Ride Plan

The were few discussion on Ramadhan Ride....oh yes the blessed month of Ramadhan is back. Those who can make it, you are welcome to join. The route is Putrajaya on every Friday night. Just once a week.

Para ser continuando...


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