Jersey Update

I had the design sent to Khairy and here is the scenario:

1. The vendor can do the jersey but not the pants

Suggestion: Alternative combo

1. We do the jersey
2. We use black "TREK" short cycling pants
3. The total cost is RM 280.

Takers please send in your order together with the juices. We do not entertain lip and saliva order, no sir we don't.

I'm getting one.

Take a look at Jersey design here!



Zaha said...

X mahal sgt ke RM280 utk custom jersey & seluar "Trek"?

Jersey sahaja berapa RM??

Faizol said...

Jersey saja RM 180, harga tinggi sebab kita punya volume rendah but the fabrik quality tip top bro... I was assured by Khairy...