Ride to Recovery...

Saturday, August 8th 2009
Route: Mantin via Lekas
Rider: Farizal, Zaha. Saipol & Faizol

Last Saturday was the 1st long ride (87KM) since I had one of my knee "miss-configured". Prior to that I just did a short Sg. Long ride.

I missed the previous Saturday's ride to Mantin with Zaha, Bob Batam, Bob's friend and Saipol due to an unfortunate incident when my rear wheel was practically torn by a nail. F**K the Bas***d who purposely planted them nails there just to make easy bucks. Low life scum!

I was pissed not only because I had to get me brand new tires but I had to cycle back home trough the Big Mac, Cheese Burger, the Fillet and finally Chicken Burger at 10KM/h... I nearly had my 10 fingers cramped holding on to the brake levers while descending the Big Mac. The usual descend speed here is up to 67KM/h.

Back to the Mantin Ride:

This time around we decided to skip the Pekan Mantin nasi lemak. So we rode via LEKAS and made a brief stop at Mantin Toll Plaza before we crossed the road and headed back to Kajang. It was an easy ride, cruising through the LEKAS highway at 28-30 KM/h. Good thing though the new Astana horse didn't try to make a break away. How about that huh?

While we were ascending the Beranang RnR hill, a group of 4 riders overtook us and darn they were fast. Hey, this was just what we needed to crank up... someone to tail gate. We managed to pursue the group and tail gated them up until the 5km mark to Mantin exit where they decided to slow down and waited for the rest of their group somewhere at the back. It was awesone, looking at them doing the short burst round robin up to the speed of 38KM/h...

We rested at the Mantin Plaza for about 20 minutes before we headed back to Kajang. This time around we had no problem with the head wind and the weather wasn't that bad either.

We bumped into 4 other riders ( 2 blokes and 2 ladies) who rode with the 1st group we met while on the way Mantin. I guessed they just decided to do the chicken loop after all. Not much of chat happened. We just said Hi, Hello, Good Morning and rode our way to Kajang.

We took another break at the Kajang bound Beranang RnR and indulged ourselves with "Lunch". Yes, it was lunch. The lauk tasted good and the masak lemak daging salai was the main event.

After the lunch, we headed straight back to Kajang. Farizal took the 1 st exit out to Bandar Baru Bangi while Zaha, Saipol and myself took the second exit, climbing the Big Mac. Zaha took the exit back to Semenyih while Saipol and I continued climbing the Big Mac and the rest of the burgers until Cheras Jaya.

Sufficing to say, set a side the cramped thigh at the Sg. Long Toll and blistering hot sun, it was an enjoyable ride.

Who wants to do Bukit Antu again?


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