It's Twenty Ten, Let's see how fast it is

Finally, I started cycling again after 1 month off.

From the outset, last weekend was meant to be a warm up rides. Started the Sg. Long route with casually and tried to catch up different paces as much as possible. Overall it went well except for the climbing part where I struggled in that department a bit. I guess its just natural when you don't ride for a while.

Sunday ride was merrier as Farizal (recuperating with injured foot while "MTB"ing with Saipol), Zack, Zam, Zaha and Saipol joined the ride.

As 2009 passed by, we welcome 2010 with new hopes and yes we still haven't done the PD ride. Last year was not that all disappointing but yes the thought of Beppe who rode alone injured with his heavy bike and aged at 63 said it all. The will was absent, we just don't have the mojo.

I've devised a simple PD warm up ride phases by riding through a few route with mileage at least 80 KM.

Here's the plan:

Phase 1: LEKAS-Bukit Puyuh-Lenggeng-Broga-Semenyih-Kajang
Date: Saturday - January 16th, 2010

Phase 2: Batu 18-Genting Peres
Date: Sunday - January 17th, 2010

Phase 3: Sg. Balak-Cyberjaya-Putrajaya-Sg.Merab-Sg. Balak
Date: Saturday-January 23rd, 2010

Phase 4: Sg. Long Double Loop
Date: Sunday-January 2th, 2010

PD Ride: 30th Jan 2010? Or do you guys need more training

Are you guys up for it?