Weekend Ride 23rd 24th Jan 2010

Sunny Sunday!

It's January and already the schedules and tight deadlines are falling into places. 2009 was undoubtedly was a fast paced year, I doubt that his year is going to be any different.

Saturday, Jan 23rd:
I did a solo ride of the Sg. Long route. Started a bit late as my kids had "Ko-Ko" day at their school and they started as early as 7.30am. I had to drop them off at 7.15AM.

"Ko-Ko" day? Back in the old days, at least during my school time it's called "Ko-K" [pronounced: ko-kay].

Sunday, Jan 24th
I started alone from Sg. Balak's toll. The weather was nice and warm. I cycled steadily at 30-34-KM/h trough the SILK highway. It's tough cycling solo when you had to break the wind all the way through and at times the Sungai Long's route could be so windy especially 1000m from the peak.

Farizal had already arrived at the KJ Perdana clover leaf and we waited for Zaha at the rendezvous point (RV). A few minutes later we saw Zaha just over the clover leaf heading towards the RV. Suddenly we saw a dog chasing him while he was climbing the clover leaf's hill.

I know it's not proper to actually laugh at the situation but watching Zaha suddenly so pumped up like running on steroids was funny. Boy did he cycle like hell. Unfortunately didn't manage to capture the moment on video... what a waste.

After a hearty laugh at the RV we headed straight to the usual roti canai and Teh O' Limau panas spot.

Good ride....

@ the RV

Zaha, breathless after the sprint while climbing the clover leaf... darn dog!


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