Roller buzzed to loud

I was contemplating of getting a roller or trainer but couldn't make up my mind on which one to choose as both are distinctly different and come with their specific benefits.

Based on brief research from the internet, there are a few differences that one should consider before purchasing a roller or trainer. Which one to buy really depends on one;s goals for using them. If you want to work on spinning technique and base fitness, go for rollers. If you want variable resistance workouts that require lots of power, go for a trainer.

I tried the trainer for a week or two and to be honest, it was too noisy that it drew out my neighbors to look for the source of buzzing noise that had unknowingly caused their pets (cats) to become distressed. Anyway I never do like indoor stuff...

Here's one of the video of a cool bike on roller action I spoke about last Saturday.

An attack on the roller... pretty cool.

This one is... speak for itself...go figure!



zackgrafik said...

Tips utk ride atas roller:

1. Jgn pakai kasut clip utk beginner
2. Jgn guna beskal single speed
3. Dua2 tgn kat handlebar: gunakan siku support kat dinding.. bile dh confident baru boleh release siku dari dinding
4. Gunakan platform (baldi, bangku etc etc) utk panjat beskal opposite dinding
5. Start ngan lite gear... fast cadence! bile dh stable br tukar gear
6. Jgn berangan.. jgn tgk wheel.. pandang 2-3 meter dihadapan

cuba la.. ini cara aku.. so far penah jatuh sbb aku berangan je..

Faizol said...

Dah pasang dynamo dah bro?

Tips yang no 6 tu susah sikit nak buat...