Sunday April 18th 2010: Putrajaya Easy Ride

From left: Ah Meng, Sham, Zam (Besar), Farizal, Bro Man, Zaha and Faizol
Note: I seriously have any idea why this picture has a huge watermark on it...

The Prelude
Zaha texted me on Saturday that the gang wanted to do the Putrajaya route. An interesting choice indeed. Bro Man would have had something to do with this decision. All of us knew how much he loved this route.

I was telling Zam (Besar) the week earlier about Sg. Merab joyride through the hills. This ride would be a refresher course on climbing.  Zam agreed to join after I gave him a call informing him about the ride to Putrajaya.

It’s always nice to ride with a fairly huge pack. Too bad some of our friends couldn’t join us. Some went Dutch (Zack and Syamsul) to Mantin and a handful had domestic challenges (work, schools, balik kampung etc).

So it was Farizal, Zaha, Sham, Bro Man, Zam, Ah Meng and myself.

Gloomy Sunday Morning.
It rained in the wee hours of Sunday morning. By 7.30am I can still dark nimbus clouds hovering over Kajang and Putrajaya. The road was wet and and it was still drizzling.

We usually hesitated to ride on wet roads for a few reasons;
  1. You’re going to have to wash and clean your bike after the ride as dirts will be spilled all over the frame and chain-set systems. If you don’t clean them, the sands would grind the cogs and eventually damage the cassette, chain and crank set.
  2. It’s slippery and dangerous.
  3. You tend to get splashed when other vehicle ran over water filled pot holes.
  4. It’s damn uncomfortable as your cycling tights gets wet by water sprinkled from your rear wheel

Nonetheless Zaha was persistent to do the ride and so were Farizal, Zam and Sham.  The ride was on.

The Zero KM
Zam, Ah Meng, Sham and I started off from the Sg. Balak toll plaza. We reached our 2nd RV, Petronas near LLM at 8.10am. Farizal was already there waiting for us. Zaha was still on his way from Semenyih while Bro Man was not in sight.

Zaha arrived 15 minutes later and since we had given up waiting for Bro Man, we decided to change the route to  Sungai Merab-PICC-Putrajaya’s Mosque-Precint 15-Kajang instead of the original plan, Putrajaya-Cyberjaya-Kajang. It looked like Zam and Ah Meng was going to experience The Sungai Merab challenge this week.

Surprise by Bro Man
As we were passing through IKRAM, we bumped into a rider who was crossing the road from a near by bus stop. Clad in purple track bottom, the rider waved at us from his bike. It was Bro Man  and he was actually the first to arrive at the 2nd RV. Apparently Bro Man were already there at the station since 7.30am. Now that was something wasn't it? You had us all at WOW and shaking our heads in disbelief.

Since the circumstances had changed, we had to fall back to the original route and scrap the Sungai Merab Challenge. I guess Zam and Ah Meng would have to wait for our next ride to Sg Merab...

Detour to Cyberjaya lake
It was an easy ride from the beginning, cruising and coasting through SKVE towards Dengkil.

We made a detour to Cyberjaya lake instead of going straight to PICC exit and made a short pit stop while enjoying the breath taking view. Unfortunately my camera was sent for repair, otherwise I could have shared better quality pictures we took here. 

Shortly after that we continued cycling towards PICC, through Desa Pinggiran Putra and climbed Bukit Wawasan before we heading straight to precinct 15’s mamak joint near Mydin to recharge and refill.

We then cycled to our home bases via Kg. Abu Bakar Baginda, Uniten and back to Kajang.

Good Ride everyone!



Images taken during the ride:

@the Petronas Station near LLM

Zaha finally arrived

Bro Man tried to adjust his seat post height

I don't know what Zam was looking at...

Farizal was giving a quick tutorial on how to adjust the seat height...

Zaha couldn't find the right hex key to adjust Bro Man's bike... so giddy up...

Made a quick stop to regroup after climbing the highest peak on SKVE

Another quick stop to regroup after the double hill nearby MEX clover leaf

Zaha found a side mirror on the road side... Yes... I thought it was a brilliant idea too... That way we don't have to keep looking back to check on the traffic

Zam showing his superman's stunt...

Zaha having a good time..

We're trying to fix Bro Man's seat post. This time we found the ride hex key. I didn't realize i had it in my tool case.

Zaha managed to fix it.

@Cyberjaya lake

I  like this kinda looked like a gangster movie poster. Of course the head honcho is in the middle clad in purple track bottom, The Adviser....

Zam was checking if he could find a Toman...Tak boleh mandi la bro... nanti kena tangkap dengan Polis Marin...

Underneath the Sg. Merab Clover leaf right before Bukit Wawasan

On top of Bukit Wawasan... regrouping and catching our breaths

Finally Bro Man arrived

Feeding zone at a Mamak joint... we ran into problem with waiter...God knows what the dude wrote on his order sheet....

Bro Man smoking his pipe...

@UPM Equestrian Centre, regrouping before we ride through the busy traffic.


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