Saturday April 17th 2010: Another Born Again Roadie

From Left: Farizal, Sham, Syamsul, Bro Man (Penasihat) Zack, Suhaimi and Zaha

It’s gloomy Saturday morning. Received a text message from Zaha on Friday evening that said “Sungai Long saja”.  It's hard to tell how many will be riding on Saturday as some of our friends are working and some have fixed domestic problem. So this week we’re going Dutch again.

Zaha called me at 7.40am asking if I’m riding today. He told me that bro Suhaimi was already waiting for me at Sg. Balak toll ( 1st RV) and he’s on a new outfit. I knew he told me couple weeks back that he’s planning to get back on a road bike. I just didn’t expect it to be this soon.

I’ve known Bro Suhaimi for quite some time and all I can say that he’s very passionate about cycling. When he’s early that means he didn’t sleep that night. Now that’s something.

I quickly cycle to Sungai Balak toll to catch up with him and to my surprise he wasn’t the only one there. Zack, Bro Man and  Sham  were there too. I reckon a shiny new half carbon Scott Plasma bike with red and white colour combo nearby the rest area. There’s also this handsome man wearing a nicely fitted red and white cycling jersey coupled  with a pair of shiny new cycling shoes. It’s Bro Suhaimi, another born again roadie. Looks like Saipol’s just lost another point here.  2 for the roadie 0 for Saipol (2=Farizal + Suhaimi).

The rest of us continued cycling shortly after taking a few pictures leaving Zack behind who was waiting for Syamsul.

We cycled casually and while coasting down the the Sungai Chua flyover, Bro Suhaimi  made a drastic sprint like a rocket man trying to catch draft behind a backhoe loader. I’d say that’s a marked improvement and to do that on his return day as a roadie was something.

Sham and I was up for the game and  crank up to catch Bro Suhaimi while Bro Man still maintain his cool and cycle at his own comfortable speed. We continued cycling through the SILK highway clocking at 35-37 Km/H. 

I continued solo from Bukit Kajang toll while Sham made a pit stop to wait for Bro Suhaimi and Bro Man. As usual Zaha was already on the Kajang Perdana clover leaf (2nd RV) waiting for us.   A few minutes later Zack, Syamsul and Sham arrived followed by Farizal who came back from LEKAS’s Kajang toll, Bro Man and Suhaimi.

From here we continued riding through the Big Mac up until the pit stop area on the hill top after Sungai Long’s toll plaza. Zack, Syamsul and I continued cycling as we had to go back early.

It was a nice ride. It has been a while since we had a large group cycling together on Saturday. Too bad I couldn’t join the rest at the Roti Canai joint.

Next stop, Putrajaya.... here we come!

@ the 1st RV Point, Toll Sg. Balak

The Red Hot Scott

Suhaimi new bike

@ Kajang Perdana Clover Leaf: Zack cracked a joke

Suhaimi, Bro Man and Farizal arrvived at the 2nd RV

Suhaimi's stuff

Posing brader....
Zack caught doing John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever move...may be he's thinking of doing Sehati Berdansa...

Zaha was checking on Suhaimi's Scott rear tire...


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