Night Ride @ Putrajaya, August 20th 2010

Bob sedang rancak bercerita...

Date: August 20th 2010
Route: Precint Diplomatik-PICC-Bukit Wisma Putra-Precint Diplomatic
Riders: Zack & Gang, Bob & Gang, Zam Kechik, Romzi, Suhaimi (Mitador), Zaha & Faizol
License not Approved: Saipol

The ride was On and it was a big one for me. The was not set but there were a lot of excitement from the crews. The news of the ride spread fast. What started from the chatter box brought together  close to a dozen dudes to wear the tights on the cool breezing night.

To be honest I didn't expect the turn out to be over-whelming since it was pretty much a last minute arrangement. Credit goes to Zaha for making it happened. Though we still missed Saipol who couldn't make due to "unknown" reason.  

We officially started cycling at around 11.20pm and finished at about 2.30am... at Ali Bistro. Through the night we met quite a number of groups, MTB and Roadie, along the route. The ambiance for me was awesome as we rode through the route lid by the tungsten bulbs except for one area near Taman Warisan en route to Alamanda which was pitch black. It was rather spooky as we entered the dark zone where we had to really depend on our bikes LED lights. It reminds me of one of my favourite hero back in the days, Space Cop Gaban where the arch enemy Don Horror of the Makku clan would pulled Gaban into a dark space called the "Ruang Angkasa Setan"....Hmmmm...they  should really bring this classic back on TV....

The route was a simple yet still challenging, at least for me. We started from the Diplomatic Precint and straight away climbed the Bukit Wawasan and headed straight to PICC where we regrouped. From here we took the route to Taman Warisan Pertanian and climbed the Wisma Putra hill before heading straight back to Precint Diplomatik.

Thank you all for participating. A special thanks to Bob's and Zack's gang  (sorry I didn't catch all your names, my bad) for joining us. We hoped that you enjoyed the ride as much as we did.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Picture taken during the ride. Sorry for the bad images. They were taken via a camera phone.

@ Precint Diplomatic, the RV

@PICC bridge, regrouping

@Ali Bistro after the ride


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