Sunday Ride August 8th 2010

 @ Kajang Perdana Clover Leaf

I apologise for the lateness of this post. It has been a crazy few months with no signs of up to the neck To-Do list subsiding any time soon. Any way I'd like to wish all a blessed Ramadan. For some of us, the ride is still on be it at night or late in the evening casual ride around the neighbourhood. Either way, keep it up, burn some extra fat during while maximising the burn rate or whatever that means.

Well the Augut 8th ride was supposedly "the ride" before the Ramadan month. There were few suggestion on making the ride as "The Ride" but we ended up doing the Sungai Long route instead.

I usually set my bike up for the ride the night before but due to the effect of White Water Rafting@ Kuala Kubu Bharu, I overlooked this simple process of pre-ride tune up to ensure that  my bike was in mint condition.  In short, I was late and nobody was there at the Sungai Balak RV when I arrvied.  Fearing the worst (left behind), I cranked up the paddle at 35 Km/H, hoping to catch up anyone in front who might had head start of about 10-15 minutes.

I was lucky my frantic 10 minutes lung-busting ride only lasted for about 10 minutes as I managed to catch up with Zam (B) and Najib our new friend from Johor Bahru who joined us while on holiday break right before the Sungai Chua's flyover.

We cycled casually through the Sungai Ramal, Bukit Kajang and took a quick break at the Toll Plaza where Zam Kechik joined us on his solo ride from Balakong. MiTador bailed at the last minute due to an unknown reason but a guesstimate of mathematical equation consisting of few known variables and constants would lead to oversleeping as the main reason which wouldn't make any economical benefit to deny or confirm. Hahaha.. how about that statement for last minute bailout?

We rendezvous with Zaha at the clover leaf followed by Farizal who managed to catch up with us in time before we continued our ride to the feeding zone, the Roti Canai joint.

From the outset I plan not to over-do myself as this was my maiden ride after close to two and a half month of cycling break. At first I was surprised that the ride so far didn't feel overly strenuous but reality strikes when we started to climb the Sungai Long's dragon back route consisting the Big Kahuna and rest of the family members. Sufficing to say... I thighs ached and ran short of breath on every climb. Wunderbar! Lesson learned....

Anyway, like always, it was a good ride. Thank you to Najib kerana sudi meluangkan masa to join us. until next big ride. Selamat Berpuasa!

Pictures taken during the ride

 Brother Najib @ Bukit Kajang Toll Plaza

Looked like some sort of a trade was going on here...mungkin Durian kot? 

 Zam Kechik and Zam Besar, carefully observed by Najib 

@ Kajang Perdana clover leaf

Serene Sungai Long view. If only I had a better camera with me...sigh. 

 Farizal couldn't curb his craving for Roti Banjit Kilat and Teh 'O' Limau...


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