The December Syndrome

We're back cycling after a few short breaks, here and there, sort of. It's December again thus the spasmodic blog entry, perfect "December Syndrome": weddings, weddings and more weddings, holidays and the rainy season.  

We got back cycling together as a group last Sunday and did the Sungai Long route. The crew were Suhaimi (with his new Pinarello), Romzi, Cikgu Syam, Zam Besar, Farizal and me. It was pretty much an easy ride through the cloudy Sunday morning.

Romzi, Suhaimi. Zam and myself started from the Sungai Balak Toll Plaza and we later rendezvous with Farizal and Cikgu Syam at the Sungai Ramal RnR area.

Who's game for PD ride next week?

It's challenging to do long distance ride during this time of the year. Apart from the holidays and weddings, the rain is one the single most determining factor. The monsoon clouds dump torrent of rain together with strong winds and lightning.

It's an absolute chaos and there's no way one can cycle in this weather condition.

Like it or not, the December Syndrome is a form of "season break" for most of us but I'm still game for that epic ride...

Pictures taken during the ride:
Suhaimi's new ride 

Rendezvous with Cikgu Syam and Farizal at the Sg Ramal RnR. 

Cikgu Syam's ride
Gadget man...
Gloomy Sunday morning...

Taking a break at the the 2nd RV 
Ironic....was it a "statement"? 

Papa Dragon puffing smoke...



sero said...

yoo the gang is back...

Farihan said...

Nice PINA Mie...

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