Saturday December 20th 2008 Ride: Lekas Higway

Pheew...It has been a while since the last posting.

My apology for those who came for updates and found out that the blog has been very quiet this few weeks. December has always been challenging to organise rides.

During this period of the year is where all the domestic issues escalate: weddings, vacations, balik kampung etc. It's a predictable pattern...sigh.

Anyway back to the activity.

Shamsul texted me yesterday informing about the Lekas Higway Ride. Zaha and I responded. I was a bit late due to unprecedented event that took place at Sungai Balak Toll this morning. I have to thank Shamsul and Zaha for waiting. Thanks for your patience guys

Lekas Highway was just awesome...not too to steep not too flat...suitable for heavy gears, overall...coupled with great weather (sunny and windy) the ride was just fantastic.

Thank you for organising the ride Shamsul...looking forward for the next one next week

Video: (Jangan jealous Saipol!!!)


Shamsul and Zaha at Starting Point

Perghh..Colnago tu....

Zaha...taking a peek at Shamsul's bike while he went to re-fuel

My old SCOTT bike...I love you baby...



Zaha said...

25hb nie xde nak organise ride ke??

Beskal Chap Ayam said...

cantik baju lampre tu .