Sunday "Heat Stroke" Ride

A message from Zack to Saipol

Note: this is a 1st draft entry with raw images and video footage. Changes will be made from time to time

Date: Sunday, November 15th 2009
Route: Kajang-Mantin (LEKAS)-Semenyih-Kajang (Old Road)
Distance: 80+ Km (rom Sg. Balak )
Riders: Zack, Farizal, Zaha, Zam, Ah Meng, Razi & Faizol

The recent Sunday ride was an interesting one. It was both enjoyable and torturous at the same time. The fun part was that we had Zam, Razi and Ah Meng with us on the ride even though it was a short notice.

I was planning to give Zam a call earlier on Saturday but considering the weather at that point of time, the idea was put on hold, at least until there was a glimpse of hope that the rain was going to subside in time for the road to dry.

The not so fun part was that we had to ride under blistering hot condition all the way through the old road from Mantin town filled with uneven roads and pot holes. Lucky for us it was not a doggy day out though we did hear few barks from a far along the LEKAS. To compound the situation and my mental state, I forgot to put on the sun block leaving my face with sun burn coupled with pattern marks left by the eyewear and helmet straps.

Saturday: The Prelude

We did the Sungai Long route, as usual. Zack and Saipol were already there at the RV. Saipol brought his MTB for the ride and apparently he was dead serious on doing XC on his newly upgraded bike. The old Polygon had been given a new fresh look with SLX groupset, Hydraulic Disc brakes and MAVIC wheelsets. But the excitement didn't stop there. No Sir. The lobbying started from here at that very minute up until the base. Well my friend, I'm happy for you.

We hit the road shortly after the brief chat. We regrouped with Farizal and Zaha at the clover leaf near Kajang Perdana before continuing the route up until the Base. Zack was obviously pretty much very persistent into doing the PD ride. I'd suggest that we do PD on Saturday, but the question is, which Saturday?

During the brief discussion, we decided to do the Mantin route on Sunday instead, provided that the weather was okay.

It was raining the whole Saturday afternoon until late in the evening. In my mind, at best , the chances of having a ride on Sunday was 10-90.

Sunday Ride:

The weather was a bit cloudy and gloomy. The roads were adequately dried up. There were patches of water but they were "sporadic". It's On On!

I was a bit worried as no one confirmed anything on Saturday evening. I gave Zam and Zaha a called at around 7.15 am that we were just going to do Sg Long. Then Zack gave me a call shortly after asking where I was and Farizal texted me saying that his already on his way. I had to say that the sudden turn of the table was indeed amazing. All of a sudden we're back on the game plan except for Saipol who went on with his MTB's quest.

We hit the road from the Sg Balak Toll Plaza at about 8.00am and paddled our way trough the Kajang Perdana interchange via SILK highway. From here we took the left exit to Semenyih up until the second RV at LEKAS's Kajang Toll Plaza, Semenyih bound, where Zaha and Farizal waited for us.

The route to Mantin was a bit windy but bearable and the weather was "almost fine". Not so gloomy even though it's a bit cloudy at the beginning. We cruised our way at 30KM/H. There nothing like cranking up the bike while enjoying the speed and company.

We made a brief pit stop at Mantin Toll Palaza to regroup before heading to the feeding zone, yes, sambal ikan keli time...and boy oh boy did we not feed like taking "brunch" to the astonishment of Zam, Razi and Ah Meng. This is how it is guys, we ride hard, we feed hard too... hahahah...

Apart from the blistering hot sun beam on the 2nd half of the ride, it was a an enjoyable one. There's nothing like going on a ride with a bunch of people. A special thank you to Zam, Razi and Ah Meng for joining the ride on such a short notice. You guys were awesome. It was a great ride. We would certainly looking forward for more ride you guys. Maybe next week we can do the Mantin-Bukit Puyuh-Lenggeng? How about that?

Good Ride!

Part 2:



At the Sg. Balak RV

Group photo at LEKAS Toll

Pit Stop at Mantin Toll Plaza

Feeding zone at Mantin town

Kenyang tu....

On the way back via the old road to Semenyih town

At the Semenyih Petronas, taking a break and regrouping

Zack and his head band....

Taking a break at the Sg. Long Toll Plaza



ahmad razi said...

hahaaa... nice one bro.. first of all my name spell as razi not radzi.. hahaaa.. nevermind.. i can,t wait for a next trip.. just inform my brother about next plan..LOL..

Faizol said...

Ok Bro, No Problem.

zackgrafik said...

kuat la ko razi for beginner! klu beginner lain buat mantin via lekas via sg long dah nak mati dah hahaha

kip it up geng... jgn lupa bwk tiub spare lenkali heheh

ahmad razi said...

to bro zack,lu memang kuat la. makan steroid all memang best(zam)

Faizol said...

Zam, tu belum Zack buat "Tarik Gaban" lagi... boleh tercabut skru bila sampai Mantin nanti...