The Week Ahead

I love this picture, it's taken during this ride.

It's already November 09, leaving behind the colourful October with few great weekend rides. One thing for sure though, last month's weekend rides were mostly recovery rides. I for one had a long break, no night ride, not even took a spin around the neighbourhood during the "no-ride" sabbatical or soul cleansing period.

I'm looking forward for more challenging routes this month. The only concern now is whether the weather is friendly or not. There are ride plans already in the pipeline such as The Bukit Antu-Genting Peres repeat and LEKAS-MANTIN (Bkt. Puyuh) - LENGGING (Bkt. Mendum) - Broga-Semenyih to name a few. The big question is, are we up for the PD challenge this year? Let's discuss this at the Base this Saturday.

Having said about the pipeline, I'll start posting possible routes and invitations for the week ahead. Check out for The Week Ahead (TWA) entries on the blog.

This week is one of those week where normal business hours does not apply. Duty calls gentlemen. I'd reckon that I might have to start early, 7.00am on the dot.

Roadie to "Trackie": The Shift all honesty, I don't know what to say? Getting back into XC on MTB is very tempting. It has been a while since I did the last XC. The last during the PCC Proton Presidential Ride in 2007, 4 crazy stages of 60KM madness.

Based on the last ride, the PCC would be one of the places where traffic congestion happened in the jungle on single track routes, ditches became ponds after close to 700 people that came in many shapes and sizes cycled or pushed their bikes across them, where I slept for about 45 minutes on a god forsaken hill waiting for the path to clear out of the congestion. Not to mention chicken out route that needed you to cycle for extra 25KM to the assembly area...came back home with bike covered with mud, tired and aching muscles...for a freaking T-Shirt that would probably worth not more than 5 Bucks, a balsam and powerbar.....madness...some memoir...

I think I'm going ....for now I'm sticking to road bike...

Anyway here's the weather forecast from accuweather for this weekend, doesn't look promising....

The Week Ahead Weather Forecast
Mostly cloudy with periods of rain in the afternoon. Winds from the ESE at 4 km/h.
Realfeel®: 45 °C
High: 32 °C
Overcast with a couple of thunderstorms around. Winds from the SE at 6 km/h.
Realfeel®: 29 °C
Low: 24 °C
Rain. Winds from the ESE at 6 km/h.
Realfeel®: 44 °C
High: 31 °C
Cloudy with a couple of showers. Winds from the ESE at 8 km/h.
Realfeel®: 30 °


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