Saturday Ride June 4th 2011

Its June now and we are halfway through the year in a blink of an eye, literally.  I have to admit that my cycling calendar isn't looking very good. To many "short stint hiatus" in between the days and the things happening around the office is not helping at all.  Advice? Well, I've heard it all. Striking balance and yada yada yada are easier said than done.  Balance finds its own way, the more natural it is, the more sustainable it will be for a period of time until your boss comes out with more new "bright ideas".

On another note, we're looking at a pretty tight schedule ahead. There's no need to remind you guys that pretty soon we're gonna have to start thinking about doing night ride.  Let's not get too anxious about it now. For the time being I'm more focus on the ride opportunity the lies ahead. 

Now back to last Saturday ride. I started a bit late and this time I cycled through the Sungai Ramal instead of the old dusty, pot holes rich route of Kajang Perdana.  I cycled solo until the 2nd RV near the clover leaf. Only Zaha and Zam Besar were there, the rest were on their "domestic responsibilities" and one admitted to have overslept with 80-20% chance of making it to the RV in time before the Sun hit the "Are F#@king Nuts"  zone with "boiling" temperature. 

We continued our rides with Zaha leading the pack. It's pretty obvious he still maintains his fitness while Zam and me struggling to battle the dragon back hills in which "once-upon-a-time ago" were our backyards.  But now we suck at climbing. If there was any consolation (to me) ,  that made me slightly not too depressed with my degraded climbing ability, I was a little better than Zam during the climbs. Hahahah... Jangan Marah Zam! Gurau jeee.... It's a joke.

We continued our ride and headed out  to our the Roti Canai joint treating ourselves with the ever fabulous Teh 'O' Limau Panas and roti banjir. Najib came and joined us later. No didn't come with his road-bike but motor-bike. We were honoured once again when the legendary Chap-Ayam jersey rider, Major Saipol joined our table for a drink. We broke the party at around 11PM.

Good Ride guys!


Sungai Ramal(T)'s exit
Passing through Bukit Mewah
The serene Sungai Long

Always fascinating...
Zaha, sorry rear picture. Can't help it. You're too fast.

I leave the caption open for suggestion. This will be our inaugural funny caption competition. 
The great descend starts here... 
Oppsy... my cycling computer Cat Eye Strada-Cadence went blank...I hope it was the battery
Some roadworks...

Chow time...
Zam sitting besides TUDM MTB the making...
I don't know what's the name of this plant, but it was beautiful...So I snapped it...
Nice bike... Jom main motor pulak geng!


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