Super Hero in Training?

I had a busy evening on Friday filled with back to back adrenalin pumping activities, a speedball game and go kart race with colleague.  I went home exhausted, flat and even missed dinner. I had no idea that waking up on Saturday morning would require an effort. Nonetheless I got to make time for my morning ride.

Saturday route will almost always be the CA Arena. I started late again. Yes, I almost overslept but manage to bring myself out of the bed.  There was nobody there at the 1st RV point so I'd figure the train would have left the station. I continued cycling and true enough I saw two riders about one Km infront of me. At this point I couldn't possibly know who they were so I pressed on but couldn't quite catch them as they consistently rode through hilly roads from the Sungai Chua's cloverleaf all the way to Bukit Kajang.

I continued cycling at my own pace around 30-32 Km/H through the Semenyih bound SILK highway and finally manage to catch up with the two riders at the Kajang Perdana cloverleaf. They were Zack and Najib. Zaha came in later after I finished my "fun" ride around the cloverleaf.

We continued cycling through the usual route, the dragon back of Sungai Long until the Sungai Long exit where we split up. Zack as usual took the exit to Sungai Sekamat while the rest of us continued cycling via SILK highway and Cheras Jaya enroute to the Joint.

My Friday adventure didn't help really help with my personal target. I had't fully recovered from the exhaustion and was 7 minutes  over and above my best time. I couldn't maintain good rhythm while climbing the hills. Darn it! Must work harder.

Anyway we bumped into the legendary "Chap Ayam" jersey owner,  Saipol, in person at the joint while having breakfast with his family. Equipped with jogging shoes and a t-shirt that says "Super Hero in Training", I think the man is on a mission, a secret one. Could it be the Ultraman Challenge? Powerman perhaps?

Good ride guys!


P/S: The first draft was accidentally published. Please excuse my "England".  

At the cloverleaf

The great descend

Najib, trying to break away

Don not try this at home!
Mon Bebe!



sero said...

kepade abg super hero yg dikasihi.. mane nak carik baju tu?.. heh

Faizol said...

Boleh tolong tanya dia macam mana nak dapat jersey "Chap Ayam" tu sekali tak?

sero said...

kite tunggu tuan badan jawab....