Friday Ride With Joe

It felt great to get back in the saddle after a long break. Last week we only managed to cycle on  Sunday since Saturday was a no show due to the rain.

Friday, September 16th is a public holiday commemorating the establishment of the Malaysian federation, a sovereign nation. Happy Malaysia Day everyone!

This Friday ride to Sungai Long its a bit exciting because a new friend will be joining the ride. Mr. Joe Wong from Cheras left a message on the chat box a few days ago. We corresponded through email which ended up with mobile phone number exchange and a date to Sungai Long ride.

Thank God it was a sunny and glorious Friday morning.  If we weren't on our recovery plan, we would have ridden to Mantin or beyond. I got out of the house at 7.15am and headed straight to the Sg. Balak toll plaza. Joe was already at the RV, sitting near the shade looking anxious and a little nervous.  I didn't take long to get warm up to this guy.  He was excited about the ride that he started riding his bike all the way from Cheras at 6.00am in the morning. 

Since Syamsul and Najib (found out later)  bailed, we hit the road at 7.50am. We cycled casually through the SILK highway heading towards the Sungai Ramal interchange. While cruising on the route to Bukit Kanjang we saw a lady cycling along side the road. She was shocked when we passed by her and greeted her "Selamat Pagi Aci!". All I could here was her trembling voice "Huh Aiyoo!" followed by "hooh... pagi". Sorry la Aci, we didn't mean to startle you. Next time around, we'd say hello slowly.

I noticed that Joe was using heavy gears and he struggled a bit when we cycled through slopes and hilly areas.  I did the same when I started cycling a few years ago. Back then I thought heavy gears meant power and speed. It takes time to build power, speed and stamina. It requires right technics, discipline and most importantly patience.  The best way to learn is learning while doing it, while on the job. 

We met up with Farizal the 2nd RV and stopped there for a short break before we continued climbing the Sungai Long dragon backs and straight to The Joint. Najib waited for us at the Joint followed by Doc. Azlan who came later who started cycling a bit later than us.

It was  good ride. We met a new friend, Joe. Hopefully he will continue cycling and join us in our weekend rides. 



Here are some pictures taken during the ride.

Sunny Friday, Yihaaaw!
Joe and his bike

Cycling through Sungai Ramal
Aci...on bike

Here's the real deal... the dragon backs

@ the 2nd RV

Just about to pass the peak...
This is the best part of the Sungai Long route... 
Some riders on the other side of the road...



joe said...

Thanks alot faizol. Happy n excited see my pic. Sure will join again...see u next ride.

Faizol said...

No worries Joe. We're glad to have you riding with us. It was a a good ride and you did pretty well.

We've had had few newbies riding with us before. Some managed to pull through riding on the dragon backs. Some had to push their bikes and were never seen or heard again.

Keep it up!

Until the next ride...