Sunday Morning Sungai Long Ride

Group Photo @ 2nd RV
We missed Saturday ride due to the rain and the weather didn't get any better on Sunday either.

It was gloomy Sunday morning. The road was slightly wet because of the rain in wee hours just before dawn.

Three reasons why wet road is bad for you. One, its always risky cycling on wet and slippery road.
Two, the tendency to get the splash when other vehicles drive over puddles.  The third and final one (most important one for me),  serious road bike enthusiasts don't usually fit their bikes with fenders or mud-flaps. You'd be grimacing through each and every puddle because your feet, bum and back are going to get soaking wet from the wet spray thrown up by your wheels just after a few miles riding.

Cycling on wet roads require different techniques: This is due to several factors that will impact not only to ride experience but most importantly your safety. 

Wet road condition causes longer stopping distance for bicycle and other vehicles as well. It's advisable to switch on your blinkers and wear bright-coloured cycling outfits. 

Slowing down while you're cycling on a nice and fast pace would be the last thing in your mind but you need to slow down and avoid riding over areas that are potentially slippery especially when braking and turning such as metal grates, manhole covers and painted markings on the road surface to name a few.

Be extra alert and watch out for oil patches and avoid cycling straight through puddles - you never know if there's a pothole lurking there or not. You may risk damaging that expensive rims of yours if  that's more important than your own safety.

When riding in a group, it is best not to ride directly behind the rider in front as this throws up spray and grit. And since the stopping distances is longer on the wet roads, it is best to keep a safe distance apart to avoid collisions.

The hardest part for me when cycling during rainy season is the the cleaning up and  lubing the bike and this has to be done regularly to ensure safety and good ride experience.

Back to the Sunday Morning Ride

I started solo from the 1st RV point as I started a bit late. Gotta make sure the road if not totally dried out, dried more than it was when the rain stopped. 

I cycled at around 24-30 Km/H on a steady pace due to the "koyak" fitness level after the hiatus and barrage of lemang, ketupat and rendang attacks over the weeks.  I did felt slight muscle strain on the stomach and on both thighs but manage to keep the pace.

The were a number of people at the 2nd RV near Kajang Perdana clover leaf.  The usual suspects were there: Zaha, Najib, Farizal, Doc Azlan and his MTB friends. 

We continued riding through the SILK highway and took the Cheras Jaya exit heading towards the Roti Canai joint. 

Good ride everyone!

Video 01:Ucapan Untuk Saipol

Video 02

Pictures taken during the ride:

Group Photo @ the 2nd RV point.

Gloomy Sunday morning.

Note: Najib was not teasing anyone, he just ate an unripe banana.

Perghhh... best in town nasi lemak sambal... sedap woo... 

Fuhhh... Teh O' Limau: Best in town jugak... syok woo Saipol.... keehheehe
Perghhh... don't know what you're missing...hehehe

Farizal's new pet, Bubu.



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Faizol said...

Silakan En Shaleh.

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