Where's our blogger???

Are you reading the same contents in our blog for the past 2 months??? Me too. This is because Faizol aka blogger/reporter/journalist was either unable to rode, on school holiday/vacation, domestic problem or unreachable when I tried to contact him.

Faizol aka blogger/reporter/journalist

How about others?? Yes. We ride as usual on weekend.
Even as we rode on weekend for the past 2 months, I was not updating our activities regularly since I'm not a good story teller/writer/reporter. Besides, I don't have any riding pictures to sharing with.


Saturday's Sg Long route ride was a boring ride. Farizal and myself was the only members to shown. Abg ManTador just start pedaling while we already reached and waiting for him at RV point @ Kajang Perdana. Farizal and myself decided to continue riding without waiting for Abg Man and headed for usual roti canai at Tmn Sutera. We finished our roti canai before 9.30am and start pedaling back home. Wow... That was early. As for Abg Man... sorry for left you behind.


I received sms from MieTador on 8.30pm Saturday night asking for Sunday's ride plan. Immediately I texed to all Cycling Addicts members. Route: Putrajaya-Cyberjaya-PICC is on. RV point at Petronas Ikram @ 8.15am.

When I reached at RV@Petronas before 8.15am, Farizal, Zam "Besar", Zam "Kecik", Abg Man, Wan & Ah Meng already waiting for me. Where is MieTador??? He's running late again... We decided to continue without him as the sun start rising. While we catching our breath below the flyover near Cyberjaya, MieTador called asking our current location. He was riding with Romzi and already reaching PICC tried to chasing us. We decided to met at Mamak Restaurant @ Presint Diplomatik. We continue pedaling to Presint Diplomatik via PICC and Persiaran Selatan/Timur. Abg Man was struggling while climbing "Bukit Malang" as the other members are waiting for him at the top of the hill. Just a little advise for Abg Man... start practising high cadence and avoid big gears. After regrouping we continue heading to our meeting point @ mamak restaurant as Mie and Romzi already waiting with empty stomach. Everybody's having a heavy refuel at Mamak except Ah Meng who just sipping Teh O Limau and some power stick. We continue cycling via Kg Abu Bakar Baginda and was split at Sg Ramal heading back home.

Zam "Kecik", Farizal, Zam "Besar", Wan
No.. we did'nt wait for "ganti tiub" services to come as we already have our spare tube ready in our saddlebag

Abg Man showing his sore feet to Ah Meng. The remedy... power stick & power pipe

Another few weekend to go before Ramadhan/Bulan Puasa/Fasting Month


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Faizol said...

Good review Zaha! I miss the weekend cycling. Now that things seems to fall into its places and matters at hand are starting to subside....I am so back!