One Hard Come Back Ride

A text message woke me up from my much needed slumber  at around 5.15am this morning.  What did this “nutcase" want on this ungodly hour?  Slowly I got up from bed still to check on the phone. It was Zack, checking if I’d ride today. I guess he’s one of those very early or odd hours people, the kind like Batman who fought crime mostly at night...

Anyway, I had problem pinching the alphabets on the touch screen due to my semi-aware state with only 1/4th of my eyelids opened.  Eventually I had to send a second reply when I realised the 1st one was gibberish.

The ambience was nice, tranquil with cold air breezing in the early hours of Saturday morning. While the Sun was still shy, nimbus clouds hovered over the horizon.

I prepped the bike just to make sure my USPS-TREK 5900 was in mint condition, the computer and heart rate monitor had been reset for the next training.

From the outset, I’d figure some of our fellow CA’s might not be able to join the ride due to the school session replacement on Saturday. It was just Zack and me at the 1st RV and we cycled casually through the SILK highway.

We made a quick bio-break at the Kajang Perdana RnR before heading straight to the 2nd RV at Kajang Perdana’s clover leaf. We were the first to arrive there followed by Zaha and finally Farizal.

We continued the ride passing through the Sungai Long’s dragon back up until the Feeding zone nearby Taman Cheras Jaya. Suhaimi joined us later for the break as he started a bit later in the morning.

I seriously think we need to do a lot more route this year since we were pretty much stuck to the Sungai Long route for the entire year. I’m still struggling to get back on form since the long break from mid November until December 2010. But that’s the price one have to pay and I seriously I hope I learned my lesson. Opppss... was that my inner monologue...sigh...


Note: Picture taken during the ride. Videos will come in later.

@ the 1st RV

Cloudy morning

Cycling through SILK's Zero KM

@ the 2nd RV

Zack was showing how a cleat should be installed. Errr Zack, looking from that, I think you need  fresh new pair of cleats too

Farizal @ the RV

Climbing Sungai Long

Look... no hands. If you're a kid, please do not try to do this hands-free action. This is not the right way ride a bicycle.

Makan time!
huk aloh, jual minyok doh....


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