Ride through the CA arena: Sungai Long

Saturday ride crew @ Kajang Perdana clover leaf
Yesterday I came across an interesting article about diet plan and how recent studies showed that running on strict regime might actually caused weight gain instead of weight loss and even can have negative affects on overall health.

The study concluded that the weight-focused approach to health is unsupported by the scientific evidence and has in fact been detrimental and costly.

Rather than focusing on weight loss, the researchers recommend that people focus on improving their health status.

I find this very interesting as I recently had an argument with a colleague who tried to get me to join a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme's herbal based diet products. The initial package would cost me an “investment” worth RM1500. That’s what they called it, an investment instead of the word “fork-out” or pay. Creative use of words can actually change the way you think and perceive an idea or situation.

Word choice in marketing and advertising is absolutely critical. When advertisers spend millions of advertisements, you can bet they have tested every word they are going to use to psychologically lead you to believe their product is the best, that it will change your life.

Long term success is rarely achieved by crazy crash diets. If you lose more than a pound per week, you are essentially starving yourself, and your body responds accordingly. It tries to save calories wherever possible, and your metabolism will slow and you risk losing muscle tissue. I believe the best way to lose weight and keep it off is by exercising regularly and making healthy food choices.

With that said, I'd rather save the money for a new groupset or wheelset. Okay enough ranting about this MLM thingy and back to the Saturday ride.

Since the Chinese New Year break is just a round the corner and schools will be closed for a week, most white collar working ants I know would be taking the whole week off. So we won’t be doing a long-distance ride this weekend. But there's always a "but". Who knows we might ride to Pajam?

Today’s ride to Sungai Long turn-out wasn’t entirely bad. Farizal, Najib, Dr. Azlan, Saipol, Syamsul (Colnago) joined the ride. Zaha and Zack were “out-a-town” while both Zam and Suhaimi had to work.

We mostly rode casually the entire mission. It’s good to have Syamsul back in the company after a while. He too had a long sabbatical break just like me. The only difference is that he looked exactly the same like the last time while I grew a few more pounds sideways. All the right reason to keep to the plan, short distance ride with climbing on Saturday and long distance ride (minimum 80KM) on Sunday. Consistency is key.

So heads up boys, next Sunday we’ll do Setul via LEKAS and the week after is Gaban Lalang on Saturday! Both route are about 100KM (+/-)  so get ready to burn over 3000 KCal! And don't forget to put on some Sun block too.

Video: Sungai Long Reverse Loop

Ride Pictures:

My Ride: TREK 5900 USPS

Syamsul arrived at the RV


Climbing Sungai Chua's clover leaf

Passing through Sungai Ramal

Nimbus clouds loomed over the horizon

A view from Kajang Perdana's clover leaf

Dr. Azlan posing gaya...

Climbing the peak

Just passed the peak, getting ready to coast down-hill.

The Merida....

Ada gaya la bro Syamsul! hahaha

Coasting downhill from the last peak to the Sungai Long Toll Plaza



sero said...

faizol... FYI sile google "Aididleaks" utk membantu say no to mlm

Faizol said...

Thanks for the info Sero.

Personally, I believe MLM is a sham too.