Sunday Botched Ride

First of, Happy New Year to all. 2010 was just like a blink of an eye and now we’re in 2011.   As usual this is the part where most people come out with new resolutions. I think I’ll skip this topic as it’s doesn’t really matter.

I have to admit that last year’s cycling activities were not not as diversified as 2009.  Most of the route were along the line of SILK highway, a little bit of LEKAS and Putrajaya. Lets make something new this year. May be we can start with new routes, revisit Sg Long old route (thorough the Kajang Perdana Dragon back). The suggestion box is officially opened so please feel free to chip in your ideas.

The monsoon season is definitely back. We had to cancel Saturday morning ride due to rain and I could say this is going to be the trend at least until March 2011. This will definitely make it hard to plan for long distance rides. It ain’t fun riding in the rain, not with the slick tires.  Not to mention the bikes need to be bathed and scrubbed  especially the drive-train systems.

The botched Putrajaya Ride:

The original plan was to do the Putrjaya route unfortunately It was called off and replaced with the usual Sg. Long’s route. Funny enough I was both a bit disappointed and happy. I was disappointed  as I did fancy a ride to Putrajaya as my maiden ride after a month long break as the terrain was not too torturous, perfect opportunity to work on my cadence.  I was happy because I had a rumbling tummy the whole morning.  This would be a major discomfort if we were to do Putrajaya.

Unfortunately Zam Besar was the last to know about the change of plan. While gearing up for the ride, Zam called from what was supposed to be our 2nd RV point at LLM’s Petronas station. Sorry la brader, I thought someone had already informed you but thank you for being such a sport and joined us instead even though you had to turn back to Sungai Ramal.  Pak Lurah hebattt!

Sunday Bothced Ride video from Faizol.Hardi on Vimeo.

Surprisingly we had quite a number of crew on Sunday morning ride at he 1st RV point. Najib had just signed the transfer contract to CA  from JayBee and we also had Farihan with us together with Romzi who just came back from a minor surgery to improve his “aerodynamics”.

We almost had everyone except for Zack who was down with “Tapioca” fever and Zam Kechik. From the 1st RV point, Najib, Farihan, Dr. Azlan, Saipol, Suhaimi, Romzi, Syam (Discovery) and I hit the road at around 8.15 am, cycling through a rather chill and a bit breezy morning.

As expected, my fitness was a mess and the HRM double-beeped more than it usually does. There’s a lot of work needs to be done to get the fitness back and I’m glad to be able to break the break on Sunday.

We were broken into few smaller groups with Saipol leading the breakaway pack together with Dr. Azlan as we cycled our way through the SILK highway passing through Sg. Ramal, Bukit Kajang, Kajang Mewah and straight to the Kajang Perdana clover  leaf where Zaha, Zam Besar and Farizal waited for us.

After a brief break we continued the ride until the last RV at the hill after Sungai Long’s toll plaza where we regrouped before heading out to the feeding zone’s joint.  Unfortunately I had to rush back home due to my rumbling tummy and joined the crew later for a "roti banjir" and Teh ‘O’ limau panas.

Good Ride everyone. Let’s try to stick to the plan for next Sunday’s Putrajaya’s ride.

Images taken during the ride:
(Note: Please click to enlarge)

Gloomy sky

@ the 1st RV

Zero KM crew, from left: Dr. Azlan, Farihan, MieTador, Romzi, Najib, Syam & Saipol

Bro Farihan on fire jersey!

Roda golek from 1st RV

Cycling through the Zero KM

@ the 2nd RV point, Kajang Perdana's clover leaf

Glad that Saipol's MTB campaign has finally gone cold, now he's up to night ride pulak!

Guess what?

Pak lurah dan gaya tersendiri...

Lomonized version

Romzi abd Syan made it to the RV

Farihan and the peloton

Bob the 2nd!

Giddy up! Giddy up! Giddy up!

Pak lurah dengan gaya tersendiri...

@ the joint. This pic has been lomonized

Seriously what? ... BTW, bro Azmi Cervello joined us at the Joint...



Farihan said...

Interesting ride, thank you guys for my first ever RB ride.. hehehe

Faizol said...

No problem Farihan. Thanks for joining the ride...

sero said...

tidur2... esok mau keje

Faizol said...

Kerja-kerja...jangan kejar-kejar