Sunday Mantin Interstate Ride

This was our first Mantin ride in 2011.  The thing about riding through the LEKAS highway is that it will take the best of us, both mental and physical. The biggest test thus far are the headwinds and searing sun, not so much of the terrain. It's nice and cold in the morning but temperature changes rapidly after 10am.  From a point of madness to insanity, literally.

It was a glorious sunny Sunday morning. I could see the bright orange sun ray brighting up the day creating a spectacular view. This could only mean that it's going to be one bright and hot day. 

For those of us who had had experience riding to Mantin via LEKAS, would know for sure if you went full throttle from the Zero Km to Mantin, it's highly likely that you're bound to bonk at some point during the course. It's to-and-fro, not a one way ride. This rule however doesn't apply to "Gaban".

In total there were over 100 photos taken and 9 videos recorded in HD format. The photos published here are filtered based on time line of the ride mission. I hope to capture the experience to the best my ability and humanly possible to be shared on this blog entry. You'd have to scroll down until the bottom part to view the videos.

The RV: Kajang Selatan Toll Plaza
Zack, Najib and I started from Sungai Balak while others  started form different locations. Azmi and Sham came from Balakong, Farizal from bangi, Zaha from Semenyih and rendezvous at the LEKAS's Kajang Selatan toll plaza.

Zaha, Farizal and Azmi were already at the Kajang Selatan toll plaza when we arrived, followed by Sham from Balakong.  The bright sunny morning created a nice ambiance and everyone at the RV were excited start the ride.  After a group photo, we hit the road to Mantin and not beyond.

There were talks earlier suggesting that we should ride to Setul instead, but it was quashed due the changed circumstances. In order to do Setul, ideally we need to start riding as early as 7.30am from the Kajang Selatan RV point. 

Saipol and Dr. Azlan started a bit late and managed to catch us just after the Semenyih exit. So in total we had 9 riders in CA's mission to Mantin.  Zam Besar was down under the weather, Zam Kechik and Romzi did not respond to the CA's call of duty and Mietador represented CA in a race at Negri Sembilan. Words has it that he managed to finish the race, top two from behind and I think it's a good achievement on a personal level. Congratulations to MieTador!

Sunny Sunday Morning

@ Sungai Balak

Entering the Semenyih Exit

LEKAS Kajang Selatan toll plaza

Waiting for Saipol...

Group photo

My ole stead

Getting ready to ride

The Interstate
We  cycled casually at around 30-33 KM/H through the nice and tranquil LEKAS highway passing through 2 states,  Selangor and Negri Sembilan.

As expected the headwinds were ubiquitous through out the ride.  The view were quite nice as we passed through plantions area, orchards. The lush green trees were refreshing and uplifting as we cycle our way through Beranang, Pajam and finally Mantin.

After a while we were broken into few groups. Saipol led the breakaway, cycling at the speed around 35-37Km/H but in short intervals.  We made a quick stop at Mantin toll plaza to regroup before continue riding to the Mantin town.

Azmi Cevello

Dr. Azlan caught up with the rest of the team

Passing through Beranang RnR

Welcome to Negri Sembilan!

Heading to Mantin

Saipol is known to have tested all sorts of energy boosters ranging from hard to spell bars, power gels, Milo bars and including Ribena.  This time around he brought 2 huge bananas, so huge that they could barely fit the back pockets and a mysterious cylindrical shape item, possibly a Tongkat Ali energy drinks.

Regrouping at Mantin RnR

Saipol doing sit ups... of course, he had boosters.

The Mantin Town:
There's not much difference from last year. It still is a nice and quiet town. Some may argue but in my book, if you could see a cow happily grazing grass on the road side, it's a cowboy town. "Pekan Koboi" or Cowboy Town in English is a loose definition to describe the state of a small town. The key differentiators used could range from road conditions/width to how classic the buildings are. It is not meant to be derogatory but instead a term use to describe a nice and quiet town.  Maybe its a little bit busier at the town centre near the commercial area.

While passing through near the church area, a Kenari made a quick and sudden U-turn on a double lane road and nearly hit Zack and Najib by just a feet.  According to Najib, the driver was on the phone when it happened.

It's really important to be aware of you're surrounding and the traffic around you while on the bike. But seriously, there's no cure for dumb people on wheels.

We stopped by the "warung" at the town centre to take a break and replenish.  It's a long way back home under the searing sun. The last thing we wanted was to get bonked. No sir, that ain't nice.

After we had our carbs intake and stock up the juice, we hit back home via the merciless LEKAS highway.

Approaching Mantin town

The town centre

Feeding time

The friendly uncle seemed to have known Zack but Zack had no slightest idea who that was. That's 1 Malaysia spirit.

The "warung" or tavern serving best Nasi Lemak Sambal Sembilang

Cycling back home:
We're broken into 3 groups. The breakaway pack was led by Dr. Azlan followed by Farizal.  Zaha, Saipol, Zack and I were the middle group and on the last group were Sham, Najib and Azmi.

As expected the searing sun, heat from tarmac and  headwinds were at their best to tore us apart.  The gap between the breakaway group and us (middle group) were guestimated around 7-10 minutes. They were cycling at 40-45 Km/h and for this we unanimously bestow upon them the title "Gaban" for their "dewa-ship".

We regroup at the Kajang bound Kajang Selatan toll plaza before splitting into 2 different routes heading home. There were 3 choices that came with different level of difficulties. The 1st choice was via Sungai Long, highest peak 107m followed by 3 dragon backs,  not a good choice when you only have less than 15% in your tank at 38°C. The 2nd choice is via Kajang perdana, consisting of one long climb with 10-15% elevation, bad road condition and heavy traffic. The last and final choice was via Putrajaya bound SILK highway, mostly descending, a little farther than the two but with a dangerous crossing near Sungai Ramal. We called this the "chicken out" route.

Zack and Azmi took the 1st route while the rest of us took the chicken one. Yes guys that's the "bright yellow" jersey right there, with the wording "buck buck buck" written all over it.

Overall it was a great ride. I was lucky my thighs cramped right after I reached home. As for the ride stats, we spent on average 3 hours and 20 minutes on wheels, mileage (+/-) 87 Kilometers. Based on the HRM, I burnt 3190 KCal. Apart from  slightly burnt complexion and cramped thighs, I'd say we had fun.  Maybe next time we head straight to Setul!

Great Sunday Ride! Thanks for making it happened.

Trying to break the headwinds...macam-macam stail ada...

@ Kajang Selatan Toll Plaza, taking a breather before deciding which is the best route to home

Videos (Coming Soon):
The ride videos will come in a little later because it'll take some time to upload the HD videos.

Updates: All videos have been published.

Mantin Ride Video: Part 1-The Zero Km

Mantin Ride Video: Part 2-Catching up

Mantin Ride Video: Part 3-The Long one

Mantin Ride Video: Part 5-The Banana Man

Mantin Ride Video:  Part 6

Mantin Ride Video:  Part 7-Climbing The Beranang Hill

Mantin Ride Video:  Part 9-Passing Through Pajam

There you go...


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