Sunday Ride: March 14th-Back and Forth and Back Again

@ the Pit Stop near Bandar Sg. Long

Honestly, It's frustrating to miss weekend rides. But sometimes thats the way it is. Its something that one can plan but circumstances may change.

This reminds me of James Clavell’s Shogun. The part where back in Anjiro, Mariko was telling Anjin-San (Blackthorne) not to worry about the future. That the Japanese lived a simple life. Tomorrow doesn’t exist, only today, now.  In someway the line does make sense but its a matter of thoughts.

Last weekend was not that all disappointing. I didn’t get to ride on Saturday but Sunday was a different story. It has both a good and not so good elements on it.

The good part was I got to ride with Suhaimi, bro Man (Mentor), a friend and Saipol. The weather was not friendly in the morning during these few weeks and it seemed like it’s back to monsoon season as there were more rainy days than the opposite.

I started a bit late and, again, my rear tyre was the cause of the mess. Had it fixed and quickly joined Saipol who was already waiting near the new Apartment area just beside the rain water retention pool.  We cycled our way through the SILK highway en route to Bandar Sg Long.

Saipol had told me that Suhaimi and gang had passed through earlier. So we cranked up our pace from time to time to catch up with them in which we did at the Bukit Kajang toll after bursting our lungs cranking at 33-35Kmh for half and hour.Well actually we were lucky because they had stopped there to catch some air, smoke a pipe and take a leak.

We took a break to catch some air while catching up with one another and continued our ride through Sg. Long route up until the hill just after the Toll Plaza. This used to be our pit stop area before we changed  it to the Kajang Perdana clover leaf.

Bro Man, with all his original ideas, said the he's looking forward to ride to Mantin. Well I think it sounds like a plan, in fact why don't we do this next Saturday? Any takers? After all It has been a while since we had a large group cycling to Mantin.

We continued cycling, light and easy, through Cheras Perdana and straight to the Roti Canai joint. This time we had everyone there but unfortunately they ran out of "dalca and curry". Lucky for Suhaimi he brought with him some "kuih". That's right a "ketayap" and "cokodok". Apparently he had them with him all this while. Not a bad idea replacing the expensive PowerBar and PowerGel.

Well my overall time wasn’t that all bad as I was 2 minutes behind. I had a nice ride and I hope the rest too.

Video: A message to Zaha from Suhaimi

@Bukit Kajang Toll Plaza

Nice sight... from a different perspective

Bro Man checking on Saipol's ride

Gangsta Sugai Long... the purple one is Taiko....

A nice line up

Saipol a shy a way...Bro Suhaimi posing on his Jamis

Can you spot the not...

Cycling through Cheras Perdana

This was very dangerous... Kids... do not try this at home

@ the roti canai joint... next time bring extra kuih boleh bro... ketayap & cokodok tu nampak menyelerakan...


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