Recap on May 2nd Sunday Ride

I almost forgot about the sunny Sunday ride on May 2nd. Anyway, better late than never.

Farizal proposed to do Putrajaya route on Sunday but due to poor response we had to settle for Sungai Long instead and that's why we love this route. Its a mystical bond, unexplainable, something that one cannot fathom except for the Addicts. This is our home field, our sacred arena. But then again, this is unequivocally the easiest route.

Since there was no body at the Sungai Balak Toll when I reached there at around 7.40am,  I figured It was just going to be me and my old TREK 5900 USPS Special Edition (Yeap.. Lance Armstrong's gear), 110 OCLV,  Ultegra equipped systems on Dura-Ace wheelsets, two water bottles (just in case), a pump and two extra tubes. There you go, that sounded like a team to me. So giddy up horsey, its just you, me and the open road.

While toiling through the a not so highly elevated Sungai Chua fly over, I came across Farizal who was cycling through the reverse direction heading to Sungai Balak toll. I only realized it was him when he made a his signature cry that sounded like "HooooooHHH".  Sometimes I wonder why some don't just shout names but instead made weird sounds as if he was honking...the only difference was, this sound came form a voice cord.

As if it was telepathically communicated, I pulled over to wait for him while he made the u-turn. Then  Zack came around and he apparently was tailing me from Sungai Balak followed by an unknown roadie who was tailing Zack and he was nice enough to stop by and say hello. He introduced himelf as Jas and apparently he was Man CIOCC's college mate. Ahaaaa a clue Sherlock! Now we can unravel the riddle behind the Half Horse Half Man mystery...

After the brief introduction, we continued cycling through our usual route heading towards Kajang Perdana's clover leaf, the pit stop. Jas on the contrary took the Bangi exit as he had to head back home... B1N1 on the pager...Thundercats Hooooooo!

Zaha was already waiting for us at the clover leaf when we reached there.  We continued our ride form here to a Restaurant at Taman Rakan as proposed by Zack. After the break we continued riding through the old Sungai Long road, cutting across through Taman Cuepacs to Jalan Sekamat and  Jalan Sungai Balak where we split up before we headed to our home bases.

Good Ride!

Pictures taken during ride:

Our  new friend, Jas: Whaddup homey? You can call me Jas and I know who Man CIOCC is...

Zack: You want a piece of me hombre? You don't want to mess around with my NOS. Trust me, you don't to be at the back when I release my gas to your face... Don't mess with NOS man...listen to pappy or you won't be happy...comprende?

Farizal: What the heck man...what's wrong with Putrajaya?

... what the hell man? Where's the rest of the pictures? .... booyah!
 Sorry dude...I'm experiencing super slow internet connection... more picutres will be uploaded in due time... so stay tune...

at 6.30PM... Finally...

Tele-Support, Farizal checking on Zam (Kechik) who had a little accident near Bukit Kajang Toll. A motor bike tried to elude police road block forcing Zam's bike into the drainage grill. Luckily he was unscathed but his bike had dented rim and punctured tire.

I wonder who was on the the other line...

Zack: Ok hombre, today I'm going to show you how clear your NOS hose. First, put down your helmet. Next you push your head down by putting some pressure with your hands on top of your head... are you following me? Okay...this is muy importante,  make sure nobody is near you because you are about to release a powerful gas hombre... a cubic millimeter of this gas can cause nausea to anyone within 5 yards radius. So close proximity is not advisable...  
 This is TREK route.

MTB on road passing by...To bad, not enough courtesy to stop by and say Hello. Otherwise we'd be friends by now.

As usual, Zack never runs out of jokes...


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