Weekend Rides: Passion wearing thin?

Right now, this is my passion. My USPS TREK 5900 

Passion is what fuels the best of what we do. It’s that tireless drive to do something that we feel matters that will bring us forward in so many ways. Whether you're into road biking or mountain biking, fixed gear or freeride, be true to your passion.

Life doesn’t have "undo move" or "do -over" button. When we get old, things get taken away from us. That's part of life. But you only learn about it when you start losing staff. You'll find out that life is about the will to fight for what you believe in or love, just like how Al Pacino had eloquently put it in the movie Any Given Sunday, life is a game of inches. The inches we need are every where around us, the cubic centimeters of chance that differentiate between truly living your life or just passing time. If we are going to have any life anymore it's because we are willing to fight for that inch.

I guess we can be wildly passionate about something without sharing, but what’s the fun in that? Passion is best expressed when it’s shared with others, especially those who share the same passion. You can't fake passion and what's the point in doing something that you are not interested in, something that you don't have the heart for?

To sum it up, stay true to your passion. In my case, that would be the road bike.

Words of the wise once said, everything we do, everything we are, rests on our personal power. If we have enough of it, one word is enough to change the course of our lives. If we don't, the most magnificent piece of wisdom can be revealed to us and that revelation won't make a damn bit of difference.

Okay, enough ranting, back to weekend rides.

Saturday: Sungai Long

On Saturday, we did the usual  Sungai Long route. This time around there were only 4 of us, Zaha, Mitador, Mantador and myself. We rode casually from the the RV through the Sungai Ramal junction.  That's where I started to cranked up to push for speed, clocking at 38-40 km/h. To much leisure pedaling can lead to lack of improvements, depending on one's goals that is. My personal goal is to reach the last pit stop under 50 minutes. That and other stuff as well.

While waiting for the rest to arrive at the Kajang Perdana flyover, Zaha received a call from Mitador that Mantador had one of his tires hit the drainage grill's gap. His bike was not ride-able and they had to call Zam (Kechik) to pick Mantador and his bike at the Bukit Kajang's toll plaza.

Zaha and I continued our ride through the Sungai Long course up until the Roti Zanai joint. Mitador joined us almost 30 minutes later with slightly burnt face and no cokodok.

Sunday: Sungai Long again-Last minute change of heart

We had planned earlier to do Putrajaya route on Sunday but due to a domestic problem, I had to settle for Sungai Long. Joining me was Zam (Besar) and Ah Meng who also had to do short route.

Zaha, Mitador and Mantador on the other hand continued with the plan. I was hoping for Zaha to bring them through the Sungai Merab hills but they ended up doing the light and easy route instead. No worries gang, we'll do the Sungai Merab route soon. That's for sure. No pain No gain, gambatte!

While toiling through the Sungai Long route, we met up with few groups of MTB on road. One of the group member introduced himself as Azemi Ali (check out his blog here)and they apparently ride through the Sungai Long route every Wednesday night. May be next time we can join him for the night ride? 

We continued our ride after the brief stop and had our drinks at the Roti Canai joint.

To sum it up, we had a good ride and made new friends.


Pictures taken during the weekend rides:

Mitador @ the RV

Mantador still trying to unwrap the handle bar since last week.

Zaha received the distressing call from Mitador, Mantador bike was a no go after he hit the crude metal trench at the Bukit Kajang's Toll plaza.

Zam (Besar) and Ah Meng at the RV on Sunday morning.

Group photo with the MTB dudes

Zam(Besar) climbing the Sungai Long's peak

@the last pit stop... just taking a break

Some crew passing by? Where were the rest?



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joven said...

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